League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: LCK Promotion, Wednesday 4/29/20

The LCK Promotion tournament rolls on with two series today. Which of the relegated teams will be demoted today?

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Let's break down the LCK slate for Wednesday, April 29th, and see who stands out. (Just a heads up, the slate locks at 4:00 a.m. EST.) This is a promotion tournament, where the two best teams from the Korean Challengers League take on the two worst teams from the LCK. In round one, both the underdogs from the Challengers league won.

Team Dynamics vs. Seorabeol Gaming

The first matchup on the slate features the two teams from Challengers league, and they are now fighting for a spot in the LCK Summer Split. Since both teams are from Challengers, they played each other twice during the regular season -- Seorabeol winning both matchups. Seorabeol won both series with a 4-1 map count and didn't struggle too much overall. In those two series, jungler KaKAO ($8,300) had 14 kills and 27 assists, one of the best performers on Seorabeol. ADC Sangyoon ($9,700) was also at the top with 25 kills and 20 assists. They should be a core part of any Seorabeol Gaming Stack.

Top laner Thal ($8,000) was very consistent across the two series -- nothing unbelievable, just solid games -- and comes in at a very affordable price tag. Seorabeol Gaming have two supports listed, but Nova ($7,200) is the starter and has played the entire season.

For Team Dynamics, they, of course, struggled in the two series against Seorabeol Gaming in the regular season but are coming off a nice 2-0 sweep against SANDBOX Gaming yesterday. Beyond ($8,700), the jungler for Team Dynamics, had a massive impact yesterday, racking up five kills and 14 assists in the two games. Feiz ($10,300) is the most expensive player on the slate, and you guessed it -- he had a few big games yesterday, as we would assume for the ADC on a winning team. He had a total of seven kills, 11 assists, and only one death -- flashing some nice upside versus SANBOX Gaming.

A player from Team Dynamics is one of the two most expensive players at every position today, but they have struggled in this specific matchup versus Seorabeol gaming.

SANDBOX Gaming vs. Griffin

Both SANDBOX Gaming and Griffin lost in the first round yesterday, making this an elimination series. One team will move one, one will be relegated to Challengers. It's very high stakes. But how should we attack this from a DFS perspective?

These two teams come from the LCK, which means they played each other in the Spring Split -- with the series being split 1-1, along with the maps being split 3-3. We can't draw much from those games. It's essentially a wash, and we have two teams in an almost coin flip.

What we can look at is the performance from yesterday -- even though both teams lost. To start, SANDBOX Gaming got absolutely stomped in their 0-2 series loss, picking up only 10 total kills and three towers across the two games. It was an ugly stat line, but if you do choose to roster them, look toward ADC Route ($9,600) and mid FATE ($8,200) for potential fantasy points.

Griffin are also coming off a loss yesterday. But it was 2-1, and they looked like a halfway decent team. Overall, Ucal ($9,100) could be their best player, and he posted 12 kills and zero deaths (yes, zero) in that series loss. Viper ($10,200) had eight kills in the one victory and only one kill in the two losses combined. Jungler Tarzan ($8,600) is essentially a full fade after two terrible performances yesterday.