League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: EU Masters, Friday 4/24/20

FanDuel is offering League of Legends daily fantasy, and look, if you don't know what that is, it's okay.

I have you covered with a detailed but straightforward primer to get you all set up, whether you're a DFS player looking to dig into the new sport, or a League of Legends fan ready to take your action over to FanDuel.

We have a six-game slate for the EU Masters -- a second-tier league in Europe. This is somewhat of a minor league for the LEC and is just starting, with most teams only having played one game. Instead of going position by position, we are going to take a look at each matchup and mention a few players along the way. Note, these are a best-of-one series -- a single game-- not best-of-three as we see in other regions

Energypot Wizards (0-1) versus eSuba (0-1)

Both teams started the season 0-1 and looked lackluster in those games. In Energypot Wizards' first game they only picked up four towers in the game but were able to grab three dragons. Their mid laner Lukezy ($8,300) is shaping up to be their main carry after grabbing seven of his team's nine kills. Jungler Spooky ($7,800) had seven assists but five deaths.

eSuba also got beat easily in their first game with seven of their eight kills coming from their top, jungle, and mid laner. Random ($8,900) and Robocop ($8,200) would be the priority if you are looking at their team for options.

mousesports (1-0) versus Fnatic Rising (1-1)

Both mousesports and Fnatic Rising have won a game so we have something useful to look at. ADC xMatty ($8,400) posted a big seven kills and 12 assists en route to a victory. Support Bravado ($7,000) was involved in 23 of his team's 27 kills -- which is amazing. Top laner Pride ($7,300) posted seven kills and 11 assists. This is a team to consider stacking.

LIDER ($9,300) and Jeskla ($9,900) both had seven kills in their first game victory, while top laner Tolkin ($8,700) played almost no part. Promisq ($7,800) should be paired with Jeskla if you are stacking.

Defusekids (0-1) versus Vodafone Giants (1-0)

Vodafone Giants are the second-largest favorite on the slate and should be decently popular. Attila ($10,000) is one of the most expensive players on the slate and could be the best player in the entire league. He has experience in the LEC, he is a player you should trust. Stack him with Erdote ($7,900) and Lamabear ($8,900) and should be rolling in the points.

Defusekids are significant underdogs on the slate and hold almost no value. They are 0-1 and only posted three kills in their first game. The suggestion here is to not play any of them, simple as that.

AGO ROGUE (1-0) versus LDLC OL (0-1)

LDLC are a great team to stack on this slate for a few reasons. They lost their first game to Vodafone but still managed to post 17 kills in that game. They play the macro objective, they have good salaries, they have multiple viable fantasy options. Tynx ($8,000), Vetheo ($8,600), and Hades ($8,900) are the main targets, with YellOwStaR ($7,300) as a last resort.

AGO ROGUE are very slight underdogs in this matchup and based on their first matchup against Defusekids, they seem to play very slow. They aren't aggressive, don't force fights and thus, don't have a ton of fantasy value.

BT Excel (0-1) versus GamerLegion (1-0)

GamerLegion are way too cheap on this slate. They are a fantastic team to stack and that should start with ADC Hjarnan ($8,500). He is another player who has experience in the LEC and should be able to build on his seven kills and eight assists from his first game. He should be a priority at this price point. Mid laner Nite ($8,100) and jungler Rabble ($7,700) can be added to that stack as well.

BT lost their fist game and are somehow, the favorites coming in and more expensive. Not sure how that adds up but if they are going to be winning this game -- based on the odds -- Deadly ($9,500), Taxer ($8,700), and Special ($9,100) are the ones to stack.

GamersOrigin (1-0) versus YDN Gamers (0-1)

GamersOrigin are the largest favorite on this slate and that means their players are among the most expensive at their positions. XDSMILEY ($10,100) is the most expensive player on the slate and should naturally carry some decent ownership. All five of their starters are the most expensive at their given positions. There are better point per dollar options on the slate -- see Vodafone Giants and GamerLegion.

YDN Gamers only had five kills as a team in their first game and are the largest underdog on this six-game slate. They might not be the worst team in the league, but GamersOrigin are shaping up to be one of the best -- they just don't have a chance here.