Call of Duty Daily Fantasy Helper: Week 6 Chicago, Friday 4/24/20

FanDuel is now offering Call of Duty League DFS, and we have a tournament starting on Friday. If you are new to Call of Duty DFS, I put together a quick introduction piece to give you the basics. The rosters are similar to CS:GO DFS, and we'll take a look at a few different things to break down some players in good situations.

Week 6: Chicago

The Chicago Huntsmen are the "host" for this week's event, which ultimately doesn't mean too much since the events are not taking place in person anymore and are all online. Some teams have more series and more games played due to the fact they go further in tournaments and simply play more.

TeamSeriesSeries Games
1Chicago Huntsmen10-283%33-1470%
2Minnesota RØKKR10-663%36-3055%
3Dallas Empire9-660%30-2852%
4Florida Mutineers9-660%32-3052%
5Atlanta FaZe8-189%26-779%
6Paris Legion6-650%26-2452%
7London Royal Ravens4-450%17-1652%
8OpTic Gaming Los Angeles2-529%10-1737%
9Toronto Ultra2-722%15-2538%
10Seattle Surge2-820%16-2638%
11New York Subliners1-614%8-1930%
12Los Angeles Guerrillas1-713%10-2330%

There are only eight teams at this event: the Chicago Huntsmen, Dallas Empire, Atlanta FaZe, London Royal Ravens, OpTic Gaming Los Angeles, Seattle Surge, New York Subliners, and Los Angeles Guerrillas. There are three teams from the top five in the standings but then four of the bottom-five teams.

MVP Considerations

Cellium, Atlanta FaZe ($10,100)

Atlanta come in as the largest favorite for the first round, making their players an obvious choice on today's slate. They are up against the London Royal Ravens, who have posted middling results so far this season. Cellium comes in as one of the most expensive players on the slate but is worth the price of admission given his potential ceiling of points.

In the Week 4 tournament, Cellium played seven respawn maps -- four maps of hardpoint and three of domination -- where he averaged 27 kills per map. In those four games of hardpoint, he averaged 30 seconds of capture time per game. In the three maps of domination, Cellium averaged five captures per game.

When it comes to Search and Destroy, kills won't be nearly as high, but looking at kills per rounds played is a strong indication of success. Cellium posted 29 kills in 34 rounds of SnD played, with three combined plants/defuses.

Arcitys, Chicago Huntsmen ($10,000)

Arcitys and the Chicago Huntsmen are sitting in first place and are looking to maintain that lead with Dallas right behind them. The Week 5 tournament was two weeks ago and saw Chicago finish in 3rd/4th place with a total of 11 maps played. Eight of those 11 maps were respawn maps, with the other three being Search and Destroy. On the eight re-spawn maps, Arcitys averaged 25 kills with a high of 32.

Five of the eight re-spawn maps he played were hardpoint, where he posted 59 seconds of Capture Time or higher in four of those maps. Averaging over four captures per domination game only adds to the strong floor of points he brings to every game mode.


Scump, Chicago Huntsmen ($9,500)

Throughout his career, Scump has been a player who has always shown to have a massive ceiling when it comes to kills in respawn modes. He has a modestly strong floor, but his ceiling is nearly unmatched at times. This was shown in some of the series he played during the Week 5 tournament. He posted 30 kills or more on three of the respawn maps he played, with a high of 45 kills, the highest for any single map that weekend.

When he gets rolling, he is a player that can pay off his salary in a hurry and not someone you should be passing on at this price point. Grabbing over 50 seconds of Capture Time in a game of hardpoint is normal for him, but that's not why you roster him. You want upside and he brings it in a big way. He is the 'King' after all.

Clayster, Dallas Empire ($8,500)

Dallas Empire are one of the strongest teams in the league and come in as heavy favorites against OpTic Gaming. Clayster is very fairly priced today, and given the matchup, he could be very popular in all formats. Two weeks ago in the Week 5 tournament, he played a total of 12 maps -- eight of them being respawn, with the other four being SnD.

Clayster averaged 21 kills per respawn map and posted 26 kills in 32 rounds of SnD. He'll always be involved between Capture Time in hardpoint and Captures in domination, and he's one of the most consistent players on the slate.

Slacked, Seattle Surge ($7,800)

Seattle are in 10th place right now, taking on the LA Guerrillas, who are in 12th place. This isn't the most exciting matchup, but Slacked is cheap and can be a point-per-dollar value for this slate. He only played 10 maps in the Week 5 tournament but was able to post 23 kills or more one five of the six respawn maps he played. That's... really strong considering he is under $8K on this slate.

If you are looking to spend on two players who are over $10K, you will need the savings, and that is where Slacked can come into play.

MajorManiak, Atlanta FaZe ($7,800)

As noted above with Cellium, Atlanta are heavy favorites in the opening round and stacking a few of their players could be a path to success. MajorManiak comes in as the cheapest option from the Atlanta FaZe, so why not get some exposure and take some savings at the same time? Yes, there are cheaper players -- they are subs, not starters.

During Week 5, he played 11 maps, four of which were SnD and the rest were respawn. He had a low of 15 kills on one of the respawn maps but also flashed a ceiling and dropped 29 kills once. That is normal for a player at this price point -- a lower floor but a ceiling that can be equal to some of the MVP options.


Dallas Empire ($6,200)

Three of four matchups are very heavy favorites in the opening round: Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas. The other matchup is a bit of a coin flip and not the spot you want to look for your team option.

Dallas come in as the cheapest of the top-three options and can be paired with a stack of Dallas players to correlate their upside. Expecting Dallas to not only win this series but come away with a 3-0 is smart, and you want every part of that in your lineup.