Rocket League Daily Fantasy Helper: Saturday 4/25/20

The esports offerings on FanDuel keep growing, and we can now play Rocket League.

If you're not familiar, Rocket League is very easy to figure out, as it is basically a three-on-three soccer game played with vehicles instead of virtual people. Each matchup is a best-of-five series, with each single game lasting five minutes (with extra time as needed for ties).

The scoring is pretty straightforward, and FanDuel lineups include just four players, highlighted by a Captain (points multiplied by 1.5) and a Star (points multiplied by 1.2).

Scoring FanDuel Points
Games Not Played
(Winning Team) (GNPW)
Games Not Played
(Losing Team) (GNPL)
Goals (G) 12
Hat Tricks (HT) 10
Assists (A) 7
Saves (SV) 6
Highest In-Game Score
(Winning Team) (MVP) (One Per Game)
Games Won by Team Within a Match (W) 5
Shots on Goal (SOG) 3

Here's who you should target on Saturday's main slate, which starts at 3 p.m. EST on Saturday.

Make sure to study up on stats and rosters.

Players to Target

JKnaps ($17,800) and Chicago ($17,600) - These two are two of the three most expensive players on the slate, and G2 is a big favorite over the Pittsburgh Knights. G2 has a 63.2% win percentage and averages 2.05 goals per game. They carry a +72 goal differential. JKnaps averages 0.85 goals and and 0.70 assists per game while Chicago is at 0.78 goals and 0.65 assists per game. G2 should have their way with Pittsburgh. Going all in on G2 is a viable strategy.

Jstn. ($17,500) - Jstn. is the slate's top projected player, per our Brandon Gdula. NRG has the slate's top goal differential (+83) and is a favorite over 72PG. Jstn. is a goal scorer, averaging 0.90 goals per game, compared to just 0.39 assists per game. With NRG in a good spot, Jstn. offers a big ceiling.

Arsenal ($16,700) - Arsenal is a well-rounded player who averages 0.66 goals and 0.55 assists per game. Spacestation Gaming might be the second-best team on the slate as they own a 60.1% win percentage and score 2.07 goals per game -- with a +81 goal differential. SSG should boss Charlotte Phoenix, and they might be lower-owned than G2.

Atomic ($15,200) - Atomic and Vanguard are slight favorites over Jamal Jabary. Vanguard could wind up being an under-the-radar stacking option. Atomic averages 0.71 goals and 0.65 assists per game, and he can be paired with mist ($15,900) or Allushin ($14,300). A VG stack frees up some money without sacrificing too much upside.