Rocket League Daily Fantasy Helper: Saturday 4/18/20

The esports offerings on FanDuel continue to grow, and we can now play League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and now Rocket League.

If you're not familiar, Rocket League is very easy to figure out, as it is basically a three-on-three soccer game played with vehicles instead of virtual people.

The scoring is pretty simple, and FanDuel lineups include only four players with a Captain (1.5x fantasy point multiplier) and a Star (1.2x fantasy point multiplier).

ScoringFanDuel Points
Games Not Played
(Winning Team) (GNPW)
Games Not Played
(Losing Team) (GNPL)
Goals (G)12
Hat Tricks (HT)10
Assists (A)7
Saves (SV)6
Highest In-Game Score
(Winning Team) (MVP)
Games Won by Team within a Match (W)5
Shots on Goal (SOG)3

These players look to be in a position to succeed on the main slate on Saturday, April 18th. Be sure to study up on stats and rosters.

Players to Target

CaioTG1 ($18,200) and caard ($17,600) - This duo from Ellevens Esports are two of the three most expensive options on the slate, but each scores often (1.04 goals per game for CaioTG1 and 0.90 for caard, both top-three rates on the slate). Ellevens Esports has a positive goal differential (+37) over 35 games, winning 74.3% of their games. Their opponent, Pera, is a -3 over 11 games and own a 36.4% win percentage.

math ($17,100) - math's squad, Team Renewed, was formerly The Three Sins and have won 63.5% of their 85 recent matches with a goal differential of +51. Their opponent, Stiff Team, finished third in the South America Qualifier tournament. math has averaged 0.98 goals per game and 3.45 shots, both top-three rates on the slate.

Droppz ($16,000) - Droppz' team, Chromax, won the South America Qualifier with three straight 3-0 series behind a new roster. Droppz averages more saves per game than anyone else on the slate. He's also sixth in goals per game. He has a hat trick in 10% of his games, second only to CaioTG1 (12%).

FirefoxD ($13,800) - FirefoxD ranks 8th on the slate in shots per game but just 16th in goals per game. There aren't a lot of saves in his profile, either, but there should be shots for a cheap tag so that we can spend up for the studs.

brad ($11,900) - The sample is small here but brad averaged 1.67 goals per game in Chromax's finals win over Locusts to lead the team in goals. He also led with 5.00 shots per game and had two multi-goal games to close out the series, leading Chromax in shots for both of those games.

Repi ($10,500) - Repi is 11th on the slate in both shots and saves per game and projects to have plenty to do against Ellevens Esports. You'll want to minimize your exposure to losing teams, but he opens up just about everything to finish your lineup.