League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: LPL/LCK, Saturday 4/18/20

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Let's break down the LPL/LCK slate for Saturday, April 18th and see who stands out. (Just a heads up, the slate locks at 3:00 a.m. EST.)

This slate has three regular-season matches from the LPL and one from the LCK -- which is the start of their playoffs. All series are a best-of-three, and we have some large favorites on this slate -- Vici Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix, and Royal Never Give Up.


iBoy, Vici Gaming ($9,900)

iBoy and Vici Gaming are heavy favorites on this slate, and that shouldn't come as a surprise -- they are taking on Victory Five, who are in last place with a record of 0-15. Victory Five are terrible, there is no other way to put it. In fact, they have a 1-30 map count. They have been swept in 14 of their 15 series, winning only a single map this entire season.

We want to load up on players from Vici and that should start with iBoy -- their ADC.

Vici Gaming are sitting in the middle of the LPL table, and iBoy's stats reflect that. He doesn't have elite numbers, but Victory Five are horrible and offer plenty of upside in terms of fantasy points. The ADC for Victory Five comes in tied for the most deaths, has the worst Kill/Death/Assist Ratio (KDA), and is averaging the third-most deaths per game. Victory Five have been switching up their support player recently, but you could probably guess -- they aren't very good. iBoy has a good-not-great KDA -- 4.02 -- and he should be able to jump all over this matchup.


Langx, Royal Never Give Up ($8,300)

RNG have clinched a playoff spot, but their seeding isn't determined yet. This is their final series of the Spring Split, and they have plenty to play for. Langx is coming off a very rough series against Dominus Esports; there is no other way to put it. We want to look right past that, and see that he has been one of the more consistent top laners in the LPL. He comes in with the fourth-best KDA among top laners, the fifth-most assists, sixth-most total kills, and third-lowest share of his team's deaths.

Langx has picked up eight assists or more in nine of his last 10 series, along with six kills or more in five of his last 10. Top lane is loaded tonight, and Langx has a great combination of floor, ceiling, and salary.


Canyon, DAMWON Gaming ($7,900)

This matchup is the first round of the LCK playoffs and features the fourth and fifth seed going head-to-head -- KT Rolster versus DAMWON Gaming. The best teams are here, and we are expecting some high-quality play, which, hopefully, results in plenty of fantasy points. We want to see this go to all three games, making multiple players from this series fantasy viable.

Canyon is the jungler for DAMWON gaming and has been a high-impact but risky jungler during this split. He comes in with the fourth-most assists among junglers in the LCK as well as the fourth-highest First Blood percentage. But he also has the third-most deaths. We can clearly see these results in some of his recent matches as he has 14 assists or more in seven of his last 10 series -- but also has sixth deaths or more 50% of the time.

DAMWON players are on the cheaper side of things today and make a nice secondary stack for lineup construction.


Kuro, KT Rolster ($8,200)

Kuro is the sixth-most expensive mid laner on the slate in this playoff series from the LCK. The other series on this slate could be 2-0 sweeps, and with everything on the line in this series, grabbing a few players from here could offer fantasy upside.

Kuro has very solid -- but not eye-popping -- numbers compared to the other mid laners in the LCK. He is fifth in all of kills, assists, KDA. He's also fourth in First Blood percentage. Good but not great. But is he too cheap?

If we take everything into consideration here -- a playoff series, a cheaper price tag and plenty of consistency -- Kuro shapes up to be one of the best players on the slate. If you roster him in the mid spot, you can still spend up for another mid laner in the Star slot and really bring some upside to your lineups. Kuro piled up 13 kills in five games against DAMWON Gaming during the regular season, and you can bet he will reach that level in this series.


Lwx, FunPlus Phoenix ($10,000)

If there is any player on this slate who could be considered and auto-lock, Lwx could be the answer. He and FunPlus Phoenix have won nine of their last 10 series and six of them were via a sweep -- thus picking up the Game Not Played bonus points. Lwx has been a stud all season long, and the fantasy points have followed.

He has the fourth-highest KDA among ADCs in the LPL, the second-most assists, and the fifth-most kills. The combination of floor and ceiling he brings is almost unmatched on this slate and should be a priority for your lineups. A sweep of Rogue Warriors is likely, and with LWX's 70.2% Kill Participation percentage, we know the fantasy points are ready to pile up.


TusiN, KT Rolster ($7,600)

From a point-per-dollar standpoint, TusiN might be the best support on the slate. He is the fifth-most expensive support on the slate and comes in with 15 assists or more in eight of his last 10 series. TusiN isn't a pure punt on this slate, but you should look to add him to a KT Rolster stack. DAMWON Gaming come in with 0.68 combined kills per minute (team kills + opposing team kills), while KT Rolster are sitting at 0.58. This somewhat signals that DAMWON play at a faster pace, while KT Rolster are a slower and more methodical unit.

If this is going force KT Rolster to match the pace from DAMWON, they could be in for a very bloody series with plenty of fantasy points. This should increase the floor of points for TusiN, along with his ceiling.


FunPlus Phoenix ($7,900)

If you have the salary, roster FunPlus Phoenix in the team spot -- it's really that easy. As mentioned above, they have swept six of their last 10 series and have been a consistent source of fantasy points throughout the entire split. They have picked up first blood in 13 of their last 24 games, along with 13-plus towers in each of their last 10 series. They have eight wins under 30 minutes in those 24 games.