League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: LEC/LCS, Saturday 4/18/20

With the sports world on pause right now, we turn to esports as a place for some fantasy action, and that leads us to League of Legends with the LEC and the LCS.

They too were on a break but are back and set to continue with their regular season. Now, you might be asking, what is League of Legends? What is League of Legends DFS? If you need more info, look to numberFire's introduction piece to get a better understanding. That will give you an overview of the game itself, the position you need to pick in DFS, and some tips about stacking. At the end of the day, this is DFS, and you can learn while the other sports are on hold.

LEC/LCS Playoffs

We have G2 Esports versus the Mad Lions to kick off our slate, followed up by FlyQuest versus Evil Geniuses. Both series are rematches from the first round of their respective playoffs, but now a spot in their regional Finals is on the line. A lot of your roster construction this week will come down to who you think will win. Getting winning players in your lineups is always the goal, as players on losing teams only score about 60% of the points compared to a winning player.

If you want an in-depth breakdown of the slate, listen to The Heat Check.


Bang, Evil Geniuses ($9,600)

The Evil Geniuses/FlyQuest matchup should be a bit closer, compared to the G2/Mad Lions matchup, but the latter should be more conducive for fantasy points. This has me questioning what amount of ownership we will see on Bang -- the ADC from EG -- in the star spot given the other options on the slate. Bang was one of the most consistent ADCs in the LCS this season and could've been the best -- if not for Zven having an unbelievable Spring Split.

Bang had the second-highest Kill/Death/Assist Ratio (KDA) among ADCs in the LCS, second-most kills, second-most assists, second-highest Kill Participation percentage, and third-highest First Blood rate. See the point here? Bang has been amazing this split and is fully worth the Star spot. The fact we have Caps, Perkz, and two other ADCs on this slate could lead to Bang coming in at lower ownership. He deserves strong consideration along with a core option if you are looking to stack Evil Geniuses this weekend.


Solo, FlyQuest ($8,000)

If you listen to The Heat Check Podcast for this slate, you will have heard this -- personally, I'm big on FlyQuest this weekend. Not only do I think they can beat Evil Geniuses, but they also make a ton of sense when it comes to roster construction. If you want to spend up for a G2 stack, you need savings, and FlyQuest offers that. Solo started to see action late in the Spring Split and has firmly taken over the starting top lane role.

FlyQuest has played 12 games in the playoffs, Solo has played 10 of those games -- clearly the option over V1per. Solo comes in with the second-highest KDA among top laners during the playoffs, the highest average assists per game, and the second-highest Creep Score (CS) per game. He has 99 and 103 FanDuel points in the last two series, a level of production we should see again if FlyQuest are able to take the win in this series.


Jankos, G2 Esports ($9,000)

Jankos is the best jungler on this slate -- that's not up for debate. No matter what stat you want to look at for junglers in the LEC, Jankos is either first or in the top four. He has the most upside from kills as well as the most upside from grabbing the Games Not Played bonus. He is not a player you want to pass on. He is considered one of the "big three" for G2 Esports and should be a core member if you are stacking them.

In the five-game series against Mad Lions in the first round of the playoffs, Jankos posted 15 kills, 44 assists, and 23 deaths for a total of 126 FanDuel points. That is a huge performance -- in a losing effort -- which would only be higher in a series victory.

I cannot stress this enough, Jankos is the top option at jungle this weekend. Get him in your lineups.


PowerOfEvil, FlyQuest ($8,100)

PowerOfEvil has an amazing salary and is one of my favorite overall players regardless of position. In the last two series -- both wins for FlyQuest -- PowerOfEvil has posted a whopping 159 and 145 FanDuel points. He has played a total of eight games -- across two series -- and has piled up 47 kills and only 11 deaths. POE has been one of the best players in the playoffs and you should look to have exposure to him in either the mid spot or the star spot.

Ultimately, I think he is too cheap. Rostering him in the mid spot gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to the rest of your lineup. It also goes along with my original point noted above -- I think FlyQuest can win this series and stacking them makes sense.


Caps, G2 Esports ($10,600)

Caps is the most expensive player on the slate, but he is absolutely worth spending up for. It doesn't matter if he is a mid laner or an ADC, Caps has always brought tons of fantasy potential to your lineups, and we should be seeing more of that in this series versus the Mad Lions. G2 have played two series so far in the playoffs, and Caps' outputs clearly show the point mentioned in the intro -- losing players score about 60% compared to players on the winning team. In the losing series, he posted 144 FanDuel points, compared to the 186 points in the win.

If this series is anything close to what we saw in the opening round versus the Mad Lions, we are in for a bloody series. That series went to five games and, oh, boy, there were plenty of fantasy points. In four of the five games, the winning team had 20 kills or more, along with both teams having at least 15 kills three times.


IgNar, FlyQuest ($7,100)

Save at Support -- SaS. The support position always has a lower ceiling, and spending for the most expensive option doesn't always bring a noticeable difference to your lineups.

Mikyx is the most expensive support and posted 122 points in G2's most recent series win. Zeyzal is next, and he posted 86 points in Evil Geniuses' most recent victory. Then we find IgNar with 100 points in FlyQuest's most recent win. IgNar is $1,000 cheaper compared to Mikyx and is putting up comparable numbers.


G2 Esports ($8,200)

Spending up at the Team spot is always a tough choice, but G2 Esports are hard to ignore this week. Over their last nine games, G2 have grabbed first blood five times, averaging eight towers per game, one dragon per game -- not great -- and have a baron in eight of the nine games. G2 are the best team in the LEC, and after going to five games in the first round against the Mad Lions, there is a chance we see a sweep here. That would give them massive upside from the Games Not Played bonus and the overall equity given their price point.