League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: LPL, Tuesday 4/14/20

A three-game LPL slate has one clear favorite and the most expensive players. Can you afford to fade JD Gaming tonight?

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Let's break down the LPL slate for Tuesday, April 14th, and see who stands out. (Just a heads up, the slate locks at 3:00 am Eastern.)


Yagao, JD Gaming ($9,000)

Of the six teams on tonight's slate, JD Gaming are the best team in action, and we should see plenty of ownership move in their direction. That means you might have to eat some chalk, but going to Yagao in the Star spot could bring you massive upside. To start, Yagao and JD Gaming have swept three out of their last four series, which has him grabbing the Game Not Played bonus. Getting extra points is great when they are in the Star spot, which looks likely again tonight.

We see Yagao with the third-highest Kill/Death/Assist Ratio (KDA) among mid laners in the LPL, and he has been flexing that in recent games. Over his last 10 series, he has double-digit assists seven times, along with eight kills or more six times. While he might not be one of the 'elite' mid laners in the LPL, his sweep potential and upside on this slate might be unmatched.


Lies, LGD Gaming ($7,900)

LGD Gaming are sitting in 12th place right now, set to take on Bilibili Gaming -- who are in 14th place. Both teams aren't particularly strong and have their average game times as the third and fifth-longest per game. We are in a spot where seeing a full three-game series is in the cards, providing plenty of fantasy upside.

Lies comes in with 10 assists or more in nine of his last 10 series, along with five or fewer deaths in four-straight series. Overall, his stats are where you would expect them to be for being on the team who are in 12th place. They are very average across the board, but adding him to an LGD stack isn't expensive and allows you to pay up for a JD Gaming stack. Looking at this from a roster construction standpoint, Lies and some options from LGD Gaming make sense.


Meteor, Bilibili Gaming ($8,000)

Meteor is the jungler from Bilibili Gaming -- who are playing LGD Gaming -- and could be in for a long three-game series. This is essentially like a matchup of two teams who don't play defense in the NFL, and we are set for a higher scoring game. This gives us some fantasy upside to attack and roster multiple players from this series. Meteor comes in among the top 10 junglers in the LPL for kills, assists, and Kill Participation %. The longer this series goes, the more involved Meteor will be -- leading to more fantasy points.

He is a bit of a bright spot for the team sitting in 14th and has become a reliable fantasy option in recent series. Over his last 10 series, he has 15 assists or more seven times -- with four of those being at 20 or higher. He is going to be the cheapest starting jungler today, and that cheap salary is easy to pay off when he can rack up 25 assists.


Forge, Vici Gaming ($8,500)

The Vici Gaming versus Suning series is nearly the same as Bilibili Gaming versus LGD Gaming. Vici are in 11th place, while Suning are sitting in 13th. Another matchup with two teams who aren't amazing, but that just means there are fantasy points to grab. Forge doesn't have the best numbers when it comes to kills, assists, or his KDA, but is in the top seven for Creep Score (CS), CS per minute, and Kill Participation percentage.

Over his last 10 series, he is averaging 10 kills, 15 assists, and seven deaths per series. He will be laning against Angel -- from Suning -- who has the fourth-most deaths among mid laners in the LPL and in the bottom eight in CS per minute. Love the price on Forge tonight and Vici Gaming as a stack tonight.


LokeN, JD Gaming ($10,100)

LokeN could be the easiest answer on this slate, regardless of position. Despite what we have in two of the series tonight, JD Gaming are a legit team and holding down fourth place in the LPL. He has the second-highest KDA among ADCs, the fourth-most CS per game, and the second-lowest share of his team's deaths. He has seven kills or more in seven of his last 10 series while adding nine assists or more in eight of those same 10 series.

JD Gaming have won four-straight series, with the last three being won 2-0. As with Yagao in the star spot, JD Gaming are looking to be the only team on the slate who have the highest probability to win 2-0 and grab the Game Not Played bonus. On top of his consistency, LokeN should grab the GNP bonus points and boost his ceiling.


XinMo, Bilibili Gaming ($6,800)

XinMo is the cheapest player on the entire slate. He the support for Bilibili gaming and offers a ton of salary relief putting a 'stars and scrubs' lineup build fully on the table. For being on a "bad" team and the cheapest player on the slate, he comes in with some surprisingly good numbers -- 20 assists or more in four of his last five series. Of course, he isn't racking up a ton of kills -- but paying off a cheap salary via only assists isn't too bad.


JD Gaming ($8,000)

Are we in for a 2-0 from JD Gaming tonight? I'm certainly hoping so since they are the most expensive team on the slate, and you want to get full value from them. They've won three-straight 2-0 and picked up a win in under 30 minutes in each of those series. They also got first blood in all six of the games over these three series and 15 towers or more in each series. They are simply the best team on the slate, and spending up for them is a benefit.