League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: LEC/LCS, Saturday 4/11/20

With the sports world on pause right now, we turn to esports as a place for some fantasy action, and that leads us to League of Legends with the LEC and the LCS.

They too were on a break but are back and set to continue with their regular season. Now, you might be asking, what is League of Legends? What is League of Legends DFS? If you need more info, look to numberFire's introduction piece to get a better understanding. That will give you an overview of the game itself, the position you need to pick in DFS, and some tips about stacking. At the end of the day, this is DFS, and you can learn while the other sports are on hold.

LEC/LCS Playoffs

Saturday's slate features one match from the LEC and one from the LCS, giving us a full day of League. The Mad Lions take on Fnatic to open the slate, while we see the dominant Cloud9 take on Evil Geniuses in the LCS. When it comes to an overall view of these matchups, we broke down everything on The Heat Check the other day. In short, the Mad Lions and Fnatic series should be the closer matchup of the two with more fantasy points. Cloud9 brings plenty of their own fantasy points, but that should be a one-sided series.


Blaber, Cloud9 ($8,900)

With Cloud9 in a spot to come away with a 3-0 sweep, we want to be looking at which players will have the most impact in their likely win. The first choice for many would be Zven -- their ADC -- but if you roster him in the Star spot, that means you have to roster another ADC in the normal roster spot and that can leave your lineup a bit thin elsewhere. ADCs are very expensive, and since we are dealing with only four teams on this slate, using Zevn as Star might not work when it comes to roster construction.

Blaber is the player I'm looking toward in the Star spot due to his upside, and that is coming straight from kills. He has always been known as a very aggressive jungler, and that shined through in the LCS Spring Split, as he finished with the most kills and most assists among junglers. In their first-round versus 100 Thieves, Blaber posted 11 kills, 24 assists, and only six deaths in the three-game sweep. The extra points from the games not played are huge, and getting some again this weekend is what we should expect.


Bwipo, Fnatic ($8,300)

Fnatic and Cloud9 should be the two highest-owned teams on this slate due to the fact they should be the teams winning their series. You always want to focus on players from teams who are on the winning team -- as they score about 60% more fantasy points than the losing team. From the first top laner to the fourth top laner, there is only a $600 difference, which isn't that much at all. So if the pricing is relatively the same, we should stick with a player who is going to win.

That leads us to Bwipo in the top lane for Fnatic. He is a super consistent option but can lack a ceiling of points at times. This isn't on him -- top lane is generally isolated and we don't see too many massive performances from top laners. In the four games versus Origen in the first round, Bwipo had nine kills, 31 assists, and 10 deaths. Having 40 combined kills and assists over four games is awesome for a player who isn't a carry.


Shad0w, Mad Lions ($8,400)

If the Mad Lions are going to have a shot in this series, they are going to need a strong overall performance and an extra effort from Shad0w. Let me say this, in the five-game series against G2, Shad0w popped off in a huge way. Over those five games, he had 34 kills, 35 assists, and only 11 deaths. For that entire series, the Mad Lions had a total of 108 kills, Shad0w was involved in 69 of them -- nice -- for a kill participation rate of 63%.

If you are trying to stack up this series -- which should have more kills and more fantasy points than the Cloud9 series -- Shad0w should be a key part of a stack. You can afford to pay up for Rekkles or Nemesis, then look to add another Fnatic player, while running it back with Shad0w.


Nisqy, Cloud9 ($9,300)

Nisqy finished with the highest Kill/Death/Assist Ratio (KDA) among mid laners in the LCS. He also had the most assists, the third-most kills, and the fourth-highest first blood rate. That is what you should be expecting from the player who finished on the best team in the league and took the mid spot on the First All-Pro LCS team.

In the sweep against 100 Thieves last week, Nisqy didn't die. Not one death in three games. He also added 19 kills and 21 assists, so, yeah, there's that. Add two games not played and his 151 FanDuel points were amazing.

Could we be in for a similar performance this weekend? Yes. While the deaths won't stay at zero, Cloud9 coming away with a sweep is probable, and you will be looking at another set of bonus points for games not played.


Rekkles, Fnatic ($10,200)

Rekkles is the most expensive player on this slate -- by only $100 -- and should see very high ownership with just four teams in action. Between Rekkles and Zven, you need to have one of these players in your lineups, so how can you decide between the two?

Zven is in for another big performance and potentially a sweep. Rekkles is also in for plenty of fantasy points, but he could be in a series that goes to four or five games. You could call this splitting hairs, but getting two extra games could be massive for his fantasy points.

That is the reason you may want to look to Rekkles over Zven. When it comes to their stats, they are essentially the same. They both led their regions in kills and KDA, and they are top two in Creep Score differential. They are only $100 apart in pricing and have the same stats, but Rekkles could be playing four or five games.


Zeyzal, Evil Geniuses ($7,400)

Getting a full stack from Fnatic would be great. Getting a full Cloud9 stack would be great. But they're both very expensive. You will need some savings, and turning to Zeyzal -- the support for Evil Geniuses -- could be the answer.

He is the second-cheapest player on the slate and could return value even if EG get swept. He had the second-most assists among supports in the LCS, the lowest percentage of his team's deaths, and the second-highest first blood rate.

Any kills that Evil Geniuses are going to be racking up in this series will likely have Zeyzal involved. Stack Cloud9, stack Fnatic, but take the savings with Zeyzal.


Cloud9 ($7,800)

Cloud9 can sweep this series -- and they might be the only team on the slate capable of sweeping. They are the most expensive team on the slate, but they showed why in their most recent series, racking up 100 FanDuel points. In the three-game sweep, they picked up a total of 29 towers out of the maximum 33, got first blood all three times, and got two of the three wins in under 30 minutes.

That is amazing, and the potential ceiling of fantasy points they bring on a game-by-game basis is unmatched. Paying up for a team is always a tough decision, but there are no other options that come close to Cloud9's production.