League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: LCS, Wednesday 4/8/20

With the sports world on pause right now, we turn to esports as a place for some fantasy action, and that leads us to the North American League Championship Series -- better known as the LCS.

They too were on a break but are back and set to continue with their regular season. Now, you might be asking, what is League of Legends? What is League of Legends DFS? If you need more info, look to numberFire's introduction piece to get a better understanding. That will give you an overview of the game itself, the position you need to pick in DFS, and some tips about stacking. At the end of the day, this is DFS, and you can learn while the other sports are on hold.

LCS Playoffs

On today's slate, we have Team SoloMid taking on 100 Thieves, in what is officially called Losers' Round 1. The LCS switched to a double-elimination bracket this split, and we have TSM coming in as the 5th seed, while 100T are the 3rd seed and recently lost to Cloud9 over the weekend in a rough 0-3 series. Since this is the playoffs, this will be a best-of-five series and will see the winner move on, while the loser is eliminated.

MVP - 2X Points

Bjergsen, Team SoloMid ($12,500)

The Danish mid laner comes into the playoffs looking to extend his strong regular season, where he finished among the very best in the NA LCS. Bjergsen finished with the second-best Kill/Death/Assist Ratio (KDA) among mid laners, the third-highest Kill Participation (KP%), and the second-lowest share of his team's deaths. Over his last 10 games, Bjergsen comes in with five kills or more five times, five assists or more five times, and three deaths or fewer nine times. He is among the highest upside players in this series while offering very little downside.

He will be laning against Ryoma, who comes in with the third-worst Creep Score (CS) differential among mid laners -- compared to Bjergsen's second-best -- along with the second-most deaths among mid laners. Bjergsen is the better player here and if TSM are going to win this series, we will see him flexing that in mid.

Star - 1.5X Points

Cody Sun, 100 Thieves ($16,500)

ADC are always among the highest-scoring players in League of Legends and we should look toward them if we can afford to roster them. While I expect TSM to win this series, you still need to roster one player from 100 Thieves, and it should be Cody Sun. He finished the LCS Spring Season with the third-most kills among ADCs and the third-most assists, but he also had the most deaths. Not including his series against Cloud9, Cody Sun had five kills or more in five of his last nine games. In the other four games, he had three kills or fewer. As Cody Sun goes, 100 Thieves goes, but they will need him to show up in order to have a chance in this series.


Kobbe, Team SoloMid ($15,500)

Kobbe is the ADC for Team SoloMid, and he should be one of the higher-owned players for this single-series slate. In the two regular-season games Kobbe played against 100T, he finished with a total KDA of 5/5/15. If you are planning on stacking TSM, Kobbe should be a key part of that along with Bjergsen. They are the two highest upside players and will have a large impact if TSM are going to win this series. If you look at Kobbe's stats from the regular season, he isn't in the "elite" category of ADCs, but he is in the top half of the league in nearly every notable category.

Biofrost, Team SoloMid ($7,000)

As a support, Biofrost offers a bit of salary relief, which we'll need in this single-series format. Pairing a support with an ADC is some of the best correlation you can find in League of Legends DFS. If TSM are picking up kills around the map, we know that Biofrost will be involved. He held a 69.4% KP% in the Spring Split, along with the fact he held the fourth-highest KDA, had the third-most assists, and the third-fewest percent of team's deaths. As you can see, this is the third player from TSM, so yeah, I expect them to win this series.

Meteos, 100 Thieves ($12,000)

On an episode of The Heat Check, we discussed that there is some correlation between a jungler and the opposing ADC. If the ADC is ahead, the jungler will have to make plays and reach for upside for the team to come back in the game. But if the ADC is behind, it's likely due to the fact the jungler had an impact and is piling up the fantasy points. This puts Meteos as the ideal target if you are looking to fully stack TSM. He would be making the impact for 100T -- giving you upside -- while still stacking TSM, who should win this series.