Kenny Hyttenhove @@kennyhyttenhove

Kenny loves the underdog. He's spent his entire football watching life making arguments about the teams and players he loves most. My namesake Ken "The Snake" Stabler (HOF), Emmitt Smith (Better than Barry), Colts (Peyton v. Brady), and so on. A self-described data nerd. He lives with his wife and daughter in Columbus, Ohio and his day job is an elementary school teacher.
Favorite Athletes

Kenny Stabler, Jack Nicklaus, Emmitt Smith, Greg Maddux, Darrius Leonard

Favorite Teams

Indianapolis Colts, Alabama Crimson Tide, 76' Oakland Raiders

Bitter Rivals

New England Patriots, All the Tigers

Biggest Upset Ever


Best NFL Team Ever

Lemieux or Gretzky?


Jordan or LeBron?


SNES or Genesis?

Sega Genesis

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