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I've been an avid participant of fantasy sports since I was a husky Bar Mitzvah boy at the ripe age of 13. Ever since then, I was hooked and have agonized over lineup decisions every Sunday during the season for the past 18 years. I'm addicted to pursuing trades and love the thrill of it all and how it helps pass the time at work. During my free time, I'm usually at home in the Detroit area with my wife Liz (who is way better looking than me), my basset hound Gus (who has won just as many fantasy championships as I have), and my cat Lucy (who, proportionally speaking, is way fatter than me). If you've gotten this far, you're about to read the best advice I can ever bestow upon someone - buying hot dogs from vendors or from rollers at sporting events is the biggest waste of money you can ever make. If you're going to get a hot dog at a sporting event, make sure it's from one of the flat hot tops so you can get that nice, crisp, border-line burnt edge. You're welcome.
Favorite Athletes

Miguel Cabrera, Antonio Brown, Pavel Datsyuk, Bill Laimbeer

Favorite Teams

Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions

Bitter Rivals

Ohio State Buckeyes

Biggest Upset Ever

Easily the 2004 Pistons over the Lakers

Best NFL Team Ever

2008 Detroit Lions

Lemieux or Gretzky?


Jordan or LeBron?


SNES or Genesis?

Super Nintendo

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