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I play in a 2-QB league that only has 3 bench spots. My starting QBs have been Matt Ryan and RG3 all season long. At first I was worried about the Falcons resting players, which I still am. Now there's the RG3 injury to worry about as well.

Brady Quinn is on my bench and if RG3 is a no go this week I have no problem inserting him into my line-up this week, as the Chiefs play the Raiders and I like that match-up. My other two bench spots belong to Ben Tate (Foster handcuff) and Eric Decker.

Decker had a decent game against the Raiders but I'm just not feeling him lately and I feel like I might need another QB because I don't like Quinn's match-up against the Broncos in Week 17. Yes, I'm thinking way ahead. Nick Foles is available and he plays the Giants last week of the season.

I start three WRs and one flex in my league and those spots belong to Megatron, Dez, Garcon and Danario. I like that foursome ROS. I feel like Decker is the only player that I can drop if I want to go with a platoon of Foles/Quinn in case I need to plug either one or both in.

What do you think of dropping Decker for Foles?

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