Ridnour vs. Barea vs. Jack
When in need of some scoring and more assists in H2H, which of these players should I get? I currently have Ridour. Should I drop him?
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    Robert Chum Li (500 Reputation Points)
    I am still going to go Jarret Jack. JJ just came down with concussion. Ridnour will lose minutes once Rubio is back. Jarret Jack looks to get about 20 minutes a night, and he is more consistently healthy than Steph Curry (he is also just consistent in general). He has also shown good ability in running the GSW offence, and is likely to see his minutes rise as there is now not a whole lot of depth in the back court with Brandon Rush out. I expect to see a lot of two PG lineups coming out of them right now to keep up ball movement, also considering they will be playing a lot of small ball intially with Bogut being limited for now, Ezeli is raw, and Biedrins is just... no. That being said he is more of a passer than a scorer so, it all depends on what your team needs. Do you lack in scoring? or assists?
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    Anthony Best (348 Reputation Points)
    Way to early in basketball season to know this.. I can say that Ridnour does not give up that many assists.. at least that's what i found out last season. I had him just for the 3 pointers.