Kevin Martin and Bargnani for Al Horford
Can you tell me if I gave up too much on this trade?

I give up: Kevin Martin and Bargnani

I get: Al Horford

I needed another center because I have K. Love. I was just afraid I'd be losing some depth.
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    Matthews (542 Reputation Points)
    the side that gets horford wins imo
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    Robert Chum Li (500 Reputation Points)
    No. Keep Horford. He is a consistent center who puts up great stats, and isn't really an injury worry at this point in his career (bar last season). Bargnani is one dimensional, and is only going to lose out in other stats bar scoring with the introduction of Valancunias, and Kevin Martin has just been traded to OKC. His role is now what James Harden's was. As 6th man. Except he lacks the versatility of Harden, and the chemistry. Also the fact that he is now not the number one offensive option when he is on court. He is now the 3rd wheel. Expect his statistical decline to continue.

    Keep in mind, you are not making a real team, so only go for depth if your players are all injury prone, otherwise, figure out what sort of output all your players might average and then figure out where your shortcomings are, targeting players that will fill that hole.
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    Darin Nakamoto (385 Reputation Points)
    Thanks. I had written the question wrong. I edited the question, but if you look again, your answer still applies. I would get Horford.