Need to win...Help!!!
Help with my lineup please!!! win and i am in!

QB - McCown, Rivers
RB - Lacy, CJ2K, Mendenhall
WR - Marshall, Jordy, Kendall, Crabtree, Austin, Edelman
TE - Julius, Housler
DST - Chiefs, Dolphins
K - Vinatieri

1 QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1 FLEX, 1DST, 1 K

Please help

Underwood and Cunningham are FA...
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    Scott Piper (500 Reputation Points)
    Rivers- Never bench your stud.
    RB- Lacy and CJ2k. It's a no brainer. Mendenhall is baaadddddd
    WR- Definitely Marshall, Kendall Wright is hot. Jordy is good against a horrible Lions secondary. Tavon Austin? Miles?- either way probably not better than your other three. Edelman is way to inconsistent to start.
    Dolphins D- Jets are bad. enough said.
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    Keith Goldner (586 Reputation Points)
    Rivers, Lacy, CJ2K, Marshall, Jordy, Kendall, Julius (if healthy), Dolphins, Vinatieri
    Keith Goldner (586 Reputation Points)
    Mendenhall would be my flex (although Crabtree would be high risk/reward)
    SBR (346 Reputation Points)
    SBR (346 Reputation Points)
    need a Flex....Miles Austin not Tavon btw