Is Aroldis Chapman the best relief pitcher (and closer) in baseball?
23 saves in only half the year, 96K in 51 innings, sub-2 ERA
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    Andrew Bryk (192 Reputation Points)
    I personally agree that Chapman is the most dominant relief pitchers that will continue to perform at this level. He leads all closers with a WAR (Wins above replacement) of 2.6. There are two other closers that are performing at this elite level though

    Craig Kimbrel - The outstanding 2nd year closer continued from his outstanding rookie campaign last year and now has a .65 WHIP, which is 2nd for closers (Chapman #3) to go along with a 1.35 ERA. If there is any argument to be made about a closer better than Chapman, it would be Kimbrel

    Fernando Rodney - Where did this guy come from? This is not the same Fernando Rodney of old. He has .74 ERA to lead all closers and a .78 WHIP. I don't believe this can continue down the stretch but it shows the inconsistencies of closers after Rodney has had an ERA over 4 for the past 5 seasons!
    Nik Bonaddio (433 Reputation Points)
    Great answer, Andrew! Got any questions of your own?
    Andrew Bryk (192 Reputation Points)
    Thanks Nik! For sure. I'll add some later tonight
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    Clint Hulsey (500 Reputation Points)
    Probably aroldis or Jansen in my opinion. Fernando Rodney also in he conversation