Who would you rather have: Mathews, MJD, or DMC?
Each have their issues, but I'm at #7 and probably have to pick between the three of them.
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    Zach Willey (356 Reputation Points)
    If I knew all of them would be starting at the beginning of the season then I'd take MJD in a heartbeat because you know he's gonna get the touches and has no problem being a feature back in a horrible offense. He's the only one of the three I'd consider taking in the first round. Unfortunately, the longer he holds out the scarier he becomes as a fantasy prospect. After that I'd take DMC who can win you a few weeks even if he won't play the whole season then Mathews who I don't think we've seen enough of yet outside of his role in a tandem.
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    Andrew Bryk (192 Reputation Points)
    After todays news concerning the fact that MJD's holdout will go deep into training camp, I would stay away of drafting him unless your draft is close to labor day. DMC and Matthews are both injury prone, DMC probably more so. However, I believe DMC has a higher ceiling so if you would like to take the bigger risk, I would go with DMC. If you want to try and limit risk, take Matthews. I think the production of either one will be very solid and as long as you build a formidable team around them in the later rounds, which mean a lot more, you will have no problem and they can both lead to a championship
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    Anthony Bruno (500 Reputation Points)
    At #7 I'd go Megatron. MJD's holdout is an issue, plus he's on what is shaping up to be an anemic offense, his upside is he gets tons of touches, probably the most of any back. DMC is too risky with his inability to make 16 starts, good back but not in the first round. Matthews is unproven, definitely don't make that jump. If you have to pick a RB go MJD, but consider picking up hands down the best WR in the league.
    Ashley Sanders (520 Reputation Points)
    Do you think Megatron will be there at #7?
    Anthony Bruno (500 Reputation Points)
    My guess is you'll see 3RBs and 3 QBs go in the Top 6, but it's possible he goes @ 6, anything sooner would be surprising.
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    Keith Goldner (586 Reputation Points)
    MJD is by far the most consistent back out of the three. Mathews may have the potential upside with Tolbert out of town, but I don't think this is close (barring an extended hold out from MJD). Jones-Drew is in a different tier and a Top 4 back.
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    Anthony Best (348 Reputation Points)
    of these three I would rather have DMC!! but MJD is probably the only one out of these three who isn't injury prone. He's just on a bad team, sadly I would rank them like this, DMC, Mathews then MJD