Should i drop Shane Vereen for LeGarrette Blount or Brandon Bolden?
Vereen might not play until week 11.
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    Gene Poole (379 Reputation Points)
    he might not play till then but he also might come back sooner... He's the best back on the team so if you can hold onto him I would
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    Dave (500 Reputation Points)
    I'm in the same boat as you. I picked up Vereen in the 12th round of a keeper league and now have to hold onto him until Wk 11 the latest. The reason I like him, as Gene mentioned, he is the most talented RB on that team. They will utilize Vereen as much as possible when he comes back. Think a Sproles type - would you drop Sproles? Also depends on the # of BN spots you have and if you're able to hold onto him. Hold him if you can. The other guys are bums especially Blount - good luck!