Harrison Anthony Romanowski
Danario Alexander or Jordy Nelson
Should i start DX or Jordy? Jordy could get increased playtime with Cobb out, I would start Cobb if he wasn't out.
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    M L Prigmore (451 Reputation Points)
    DX is not a bad option at all...if anyone gets a TD for SD it will be him mostly likely. This is Nelson's first game back in awhile and it wasn't like he was Rodgers go to guy before the injury. Nelson does work better as a No. 2 WR instead of a No. 1 which is what he was with Jennings out.
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    RANDALL SENN (540 Reputation Points)
    I'd go with Jordy. Arodg on a roll and they'll want to reintegrate him back in to the offense. Danario is a nice option, but Phillip Rivers is Rivers and Aaron is an MVP playing well enough to win back to back in most years.
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    Anthony Best (348 Reputation Points)
    I like Jordy here on a pass mostly run team. Dx is inconsistent and Jordy seems healthy and him and Jennings will get more time on field over Jones/Cobb
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    Nathan L (537 Reputation Points)
    I would still go DX. Nelson could be decent with Cobb out, but who knows how rusty he will be.