drop Jamal Crawford to stash Glen Davis?!?!
would you do this? my team is pretty solid, and well balanced. but crawford is slumping right now and with a deep bench in clippers i dont think he can be consistent and i feel like glen davis will be a good stash, and he can come back closer to 4 weeks rather than 6.. im top 3 in the league right now so i can stash..but is J. Crawford worth dropping for glen davis?
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    Alex Chamberlain (500 Reputation Points)
    After watching the Clippers on Christmas day, I understand how you feel with Jamal Crawford. I believe that the Clippers are the most complete team in the NBA. Each day, Crawford's role can change. 20 one night, 5 the next. I would lean towards picking up Big Baby because he is one of the main people on the Magic. He is consistent and a strong rebounding force. I think you should stash him, especially if you have a good SG to lead you through not having Jamal.
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    RANDALL SENN (540 Reputation Points)
    I like Davis, he plays hard when healthy and is improving on offense. If you don't need JC and Davis is a free agent, go for it.