Need Rb2, WR2,flex! Help me win fantasy gold!
I got Richardson, Green-Elis, Ballard, Shorts, Decker. Need 1 rb, 1wr, and 1 for flex. T Rich and Green Elis have such tough match ups but are guaranteed carries. Right now as crazy as it sounds I am leaning towards Ballard, shorts, and decker. That means I would have Richardson and green Elis on the bench! Help!
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    Don Rowe (318 Reputation Points)
    Richardson RB, Shorts WR, Decker Flex
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    Ed Palacol (500 Reputation Points)
    t-rich, shorts..flex-ballard
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    RANDALL SENN (540 Reputation Points)
    Richardson, Ballard and Decker. Close between Decker and Shorts.