FINALS - Lineup - Thoughts???
PPR League, Finals!!!

QB - Cam
RB - Ridley/Morris
WR - White/Shorts/Wallace
TE - Gonzalez
Flex - Spiller
K - Graham
DEF - Denver

Bench - Turner, TY Hilton, Garcon, Tate, Gibson, Russell Wilson

What do you guys think of the team I am bringing with me to the Finals???

Randall Senn and Anthony Best - what do you guys think as well????
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    Ajay Sutton (383 Reputation Points)
    I think you're putting your best available players on the field...for the belt, that's what you gotta do. Now's not the time to throw a hail mary and hope TY Hilton puts up a monster game. Chances are your lineup as you have it now is what got you to the Championship, so that's who I'd go with to win it.
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    Anthony Best (348 Reputation Points)
    I would keep checking on White's productivity this week.. if he practices, I would roll with him.. If he sits out all week again I would rather play Garcon.
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    adam schmidt (500 Reputation Points)
    Go with what got you there... don't change your lineup!
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    Brian S Minkel (500 Reputation Points)
    little nervous about roddy white... i know it sounds crazy but maybe garcon > white???
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    Jonathan Prostko (500 Reputation Points)
    I agree I would start Garcon over White Especially if RG3 is cleared