How Dwyane Wade lost a step?
Doesn't seem like himself lately, does he?
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    RANDALL SENN (540 Reputation Points)
    Age and his physical style of play has begun to take it's toll.
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    Anthony Best (348 Reputation Points)
    that's because he has had too many ankle and knee injuries!! thing biggest reason is because he likes to take big lunges and change direction from those out stretched lunges.
    Nik Bonaddio (433 Reputation Points)
    Kind of like Grant Hill with the ankle maybe, never was the same player again and people forget how good he really was.
    Anthony Best (348 Reputation Points)
    yeah.. Grant was great player!!! don't know how he still does it with his body so beat up. another player right now who may lose a step soon may be Derrick Rose with his ankles