RGIII or Cam Newton this week?
Close call but not sure who to go with
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    RANDALL SENN (540 Reputation Points)
    Cam has a little better matchup, but RG3 has garcon back and that makes a huge difference. I see more long passes for him and Webster of the Giants is emminently burnable. My gut says RG3
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    Anthony Best (348 Reputation Points)
    I just think RG is the better of the 2 QB's here. He might have a little trouble against Giants, but it should still be a shoot-out
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    ShinraCorp (500 Reputation Points)
    RG3 is going to light up the Giants on Monday Night.
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    Andy Hoagland (500 Reputation Points)
    RG III. Last time he played the Giants, he pulled in 2 TDs, 258 passing and 89 rushing yards. With Garcon healthy and the Giants Def looking for RG III to run the ball instead of passing, this is the best option. Cam has been too inconsistent this season.