Should I offer Arian Foster for MJD and Marshawn Lynch?
Mcgahee being injured I have no good bench RB's. I am not sure the guy will go for it but I think it is a decent trade...MJD should be back soon. I might throw in Celek because he needs a tight end, or would that be to much? Thoughts?
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    Audrey Nicole (330 Reputation Points)
    Keep Arian. He's too good to lose. If you think otherwise, don't throw in anymore players.
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    Kacee Giger (624 Reputation Points)
    A lot of weeks Foster outscores Lynch and MJD (even when healthy) combined, so I don't like this trade at all. If you need a RB, there has to be a way to get one without giving away the best player in fantasy.
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    Brad Ison (461 Reputation Points)
    In my league Foster is the #3 back and Lynch is the #4. Foster averaging 18 and Lynch averages 15.