NBA Daily Projections... A. Jamison projected at 35.9 minutes?
I know this is a new feature for you guys, but you might want to take a look at your NBA daily projections. You have Antawn Jamison projected at 35.9 minutes, but he's averaging in the low teens. There are many other players with the same faulty minutes projected and in turn highly inaccurate projected points.
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    Nik Bonaddio (433 Reputation Points)
    Thanks for the feedback Mark. We're still adjusting a few things, seeing how box scores shake out. We're still a good week or two away from where we want it to be.
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    Mark Marseilles (500 Reputation Points)
    That's what i figured, just wanted to make sure you were aware. Thanks for the site. I'm new to it, but i really like it already.