Week 21: Nick Foles or Peyton Manning

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Nick Foles (view player)

This player does not have a projection for this week.

Peyton Manning (view player)

Passing Yards 216.33
Passing TDs 1.43
Passing INTs 0.92
Rushing Yards 4.46
Rushing TDs 0.02
Fantasy Points 13.14
FireFactor™ 13.14

You should start Peyton Manning.

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Number of Teams 10
Number of Bench Spots 6
Number of QBs 1
Number of RBs 2
Number of WRs 3
Number of RB/WRs 1
Number of WR/TEs 0
Number of RB/WR/TEs 0
Number of RB/WR/TE/QBs 0
Points for Pass TD 4
Points per Reception (PPR) 0
Points for Rush Yds 0.1
Points per Receiving Yds 0.1
Points for Passing Yds 0.04
Points per Completions 0
Points per Interception -1