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You get points a variety of ways. The first way is through interacting with our questions feature.

Our questions feature is our way of allowing anyone to interact with the numberFire community and get advice about their team or just talk about sports. Every question, every answer, and every comment receives a score based on the quality of the submission, which is voted on by fellow users. The better the submission, the more points you'll get.

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Ask a question 1
Answer a question 1
Have your answer up-voted 10
Have your answer down-voted -2
Add a comment 1

As we develop more features for the site, they'll also be tied into the leaderboard functionality, making sure that the best and smartest sports minds will always top our charts.

Think of your reputation score as your score as a sports fan. You want everyone to know that you're the smartest fan around, so make sure that you always answer with quality.

Not yet, but we're working closely with sponsors to ensure that the top minds on the leaderboard are rewarded for their brilliance. At the very least, we'll go above and beyond to make you're recognized both here and elsewhere for your contributions - you can be the next Matthew Berry!